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How Does DSD Software Help Address Challenges Faced by Your FMCG Business?

Every morning, or at any hour during the day time for that matter, delivery vans/trucks carrying food & beverage items such as milk, bread, cola products, chips, and other packaged, baked or fresh foods

Why Your Retail Business Needs a Cloud-based Inventory Management System?

If you have to name one industry that has undergone a significant amount of change in the past decade or so, your pick could be the retail industry and mind you, no one would

8 ERP Trends in the Retail Industry in 2018

We are living in the age of technology. Every facet of life, including the business environment, has felt the impact of changing technological trends, and the fast-paced retail industry is no exception. In fact,

Embrace the Future of Retail with Innovation

With the rise of technology, all the leading industries around the world have witnessed the rise of technology-backed innovation. The dynamic and fast-paced retail industry too is no stranger to the ‘I’ word. In

10 Must-Have Retail ERP Software Features

The world of retail has undergone a massive change over the years. From the times when customers did not have too many choices, and when salespeople knew more than the modern-day search engines, to

What is GMROF in Retail & How to Improve It?

ROI’s give a true picture of how a business is doing actually. There are different ways in which a retailer can estimate its return on investment. The investment can be in the form of

Explore 2018 Highlights for Retail Industry

The retail industry is undergoing a radical shift as consumers are becoming more and more aware and interested in knowing what value they are getting out of a purchase, then simply concerned with what

Apparel Retailers Need an ERP Even Before They Need Virtual Dressing Rooms

Introduction of Virtual dressing rooms using augmented reality technology applicable in apparel, footwear, and fashion industry might blow you off your feet. The technology uses shoppers’ webcams or phone cameras to reflect how clothes

What is Retail ERP and Why Do You Need It?

Before understanding what a Retail ERP software means, it is essential to understand what an ERP software is. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, is a business management tool with a set of integrated