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Save Cost by Waste Management using ERP

For any manufacturing business, whether discreet or process, the most sought-after objectives are managing resources optimally, and increasing profitability. To achieve these end goals, manufacturers adopt various practices such as inventory management and control,

NDMA’s Guidelines to Start Manufacturing after COVID-19 Outbreak

NDMA issues precautionary measures to be taken by the manufacturing units while restarting the operations Following the recent incident of gas leakage at Visakhapatnam’s LG Polymer Plant, which claimed lives of 12 people, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) issued

ERP for the Food Manufacturing Industry: A Recipe for Success

George Bernard Shaw, the much-decorated Irish playwright, once famously said: “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. And how correct was he! We may love our parents, our spouse, our kids,

Improve Batch Processing with Pharma ERP Software

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry continues with its upward swing, owing to the rising chronic disease prevalence across the globe, and subsequently growing demand for medications. The growth has been further boosted by direct/in-direct factors

Is Manufacturing in India Ready for Industry 4.0?

When we hear or read about the term industrial revolution, we are invariably teleported back in time to our high school days, when we learned about it for the first time. Back then, our

Why Different ERPs for Process & Discrete Manufacturing?

You can never really compare apples and oranges, can you? Both are unique in their own ways, and completely different from each other. To begin with, they don’t taste the same. While one is

How Process Manufacturing ERP Software Makes Life Easier for CIOs of Manufacturers

No role in the current business world has changed as rapidly and as drastically as that of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Only until a few years ago the role of a CIO was

Touch the Height of Success with Process Manufacturing Software

If you are being asked what your all-time favorite cartoon is, the chances of your answer being Tom & Jerry are pretty high. For some, the answer could be Scooby Doo. If you are

How does Material Requirements Planning Support Process Manufacturing Industries?

That an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an indispensable part of process manufacturing industries – or even the manufacturing industries in general – is not headline-worthy stuff anymore. For all its apparent benefits

Top 10 ERP Trends in the Chemicals Manufacturing Industry in 2019

If there is one industry that has arguably had the biggest impact on almost all the facets of human life, it has to be the chemicals industry. Pick any industry- agriculture, food & beverage,