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Mumbai, India— BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd. recently bagged yet another client onboard by extending its services to Taste’L Fine Food Pvt. Ltd.—a leading processed food manufacturing company from Mumbai. The said company predominantly opted for BatchMaster Enterprise (BME) for Food, a food-specific ERP solution to streamline their production and planning activities as well as manage finances proficiently.

Taste’L Fine Food Pvt. Ltd., a company producing nutritious and affordable ready-meals and ready-to-eat food products, wanted an ERP solution to address the challenges posed by their outdated ERP software.

“Prior to adopting BatchMaster ERP, the software we had been using was developed by our own. However, soon we realized that it is falling short in performing production, planning, and quality-related activities efficiently”, said Mr, A.K Talwar, Managing Director, Taste’l Fine Food Pvt. Ltd., on asking the reason behind their switch.

“Moreover, the lack of visibility into production stages led to significant inefficiencies for the company. Due to the absence of clear insights, we were unable to assess the amount of loss and measure the output produced at every stage”, he added.

According to Mr. Talwar, this inability likely caused them increased operational costs and reduced profit margins. Additionally, a significant portion of their time was consumed in modifying the recipes for different BOMs due to ineffective recipe management.

Amidst this challenging environment the said company intensified their search for a better ERP and discovered BatchMaster, which checked all of Taste’l’s requirements.

On this partnership with Taste’l fine food, Mr. Sanjay Panjwani, Managing Director, BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd., also expressed his thoughts.

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“First of all, the capability to bifurcate the production in multiple stages—facilitates precise yield analysis along with loss assessment. Secondly, the robust recipe management functionality automatically adjusts the formula as per the BOM—eliminating the need for manual modifications,” he said.

“Moreover, BatchMaster ERP will also help Taste’l Fine Food with planning and production capabilities through its Master Production Scheduling (MPS), and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module”, he added.

Mr. Ajay Talwar, Operations Manager, Taste’l Fine Food also shared his views on their union with BatchMaster.

“The module which I liked the most is the NPD module that allows us to perform easy & quick sampling of our under-research products. Its batch-wise processing capability helps us keep the main inventory segregated from the inventory we use for sampling”, he said.

"Initially, we planned to integrate BatchMaster ERP with our existing finance software, Tally. However, after discovering BatchMaster's robust functionalities, faster implementation, and exceptional support, we decided to adopt their finance module only”, he added further.

“We are happy to have another feather in our cap. Our Food ERP suite has helped many leading food players, and we are confident it will provide the same benefits to Taste’l Fine Food”, added Mr. Panjwani.

About Taste’L Fine Food Pvt. Ltd:

Taste’L Fine Food Pvt. Ltd.—a company that primarily deals into a wide range of options for ready-to-eat meals—is the brainchild of Mr. A.K. Talwar, who now serves as the Managing Director of the company. With multiple product lines and factories, this chef-led company maintains a noteworthy presence in global markets.

About BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd:

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 3000+ implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster helps organizations streamline their operations, bring down costs, increase profits, manage compliance and safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

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