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Indore, India—January 25, 2019 – A leading Indian company which manufactures electro-porcelain high tension insulators among a wide range of other products through its diversified business interests, has selected BatchMaster Enterprise (BME) to integrate all its business processes. The company, which has completed six successful decades of its existence, has emerged as a multi-locational and multi-product conglomerate in India. That’s not all, as the company also has presence in more than 40 countries, where it delivers quality products and services to a large client base. It produces high quality insulators at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility based in Central India. It is at this particular plant that the company has deployed BME, to bring all its business functions like manufacturing, distribution, finance and quality on the same page.

Though a six-decade old organization, the said company has only been into the insulator manufacturing business for close to 20 years. All this while, the company had been using a DOS-based in-house software to manage its operations. But with increasing business volume, the software was proving to be inefficient. Moreover, the company wanted to manage all the business functions namely accounting, sales, production, marketing, finance, etc. from one single software. Then there was a strong need to integrate the production part, and to have the Quality Control (QC) functionality, which was missing. The company had no tool to track the raw material within the supply chain. Lastly, serving a number of government organizations, the company wanted a tool that could help them follow the requisite SOPs, norms, and meet the governmental regulatory requirements.

The search ended at BatchMaster, as its expert solution BME proved to be the perfect fit for said company’s requirements. The solution helped the company break out of the shackles of the legacy software, and establish streamlined business processes through systems integration. All its departments are inter-linked now, and enjoy a flow of real-time information. It also has the QC functionality now, as the new ERP allows applying quality tests and evaluate the results of every raw material, right from receipt through finished product delivery. Now only the appropriate materials are sent for approvals while the inappropriate ones are rejected and sent for quarantine. Not only this, the company can now meet all the local, and national governmental regulations with ease.

To sum up, the said company is now well placed to proactively gauge the changing customer needs, and adapting its product range to meet the high quality standards and customer satisfaction.

About BatchMaster Software

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 2500 implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster empowers the organizations streamline their operations, reduce wastage, bring down costs, increase profits, improve compliance and manage safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.


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