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Indore, M.P. — February 1, 2021 —One of Southern India’s emerging food-tech companies, which is involved in the production, distribution, and sales of perishable ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook products, has selected BatchMaster’s ERP solution as a partner in its growth story. The company, which is pioneering in production of nutritious and affordable ready-meals and ready-to-eat food products, was looking for specialized functions specific to its business/industry apart from the standard functions available with most ERP providers, in the prospective solution. The search ended at BatchMaster, as the company found it the most suitable match to its most specific requirements.

The said company offers commodities such as meat, and vegetables, etc. under the ‘ready-to-cook’ products’ segment, most of them being developed based on proprietary recipes. Operating from a couple of production facilities to distribute the products to multiple cities, the company started feeling the need for an ERP to manage the growing business requirements. It required a specialized tool to manage its manufacturing operations, which involved use of multiple decentralized systems. The company was also very specific about the prospective software integrating with shopify, and offering nutritional labeling, as well as planning capabilities.

Being quick to implement as well as customize, and boasting a straightforward and easy-to-use user-interface, BatchMaster ERP on Web was an automatic choice. However, it had a lot more to offer to the said company, which only made its case stronger.By opting for BatchMaster ERP on Web with food vertical, the said company checked all the boxes of requirements.

First of all, it found a software built for its industry; one that is specifically tailored to meet its unique needs. Secondly, its requirement with respect to nutritional labeling got addressed, as BatchMaster offered a platform to comprehensively manage the labeling part, and facilitated informed decision-making on labeling products in an honest, and appealing manner. BatchMaster ERP on Web also equipped the said company with planning capabilities through its Material Requirement Planning (MRP) module, allowing it to get the on-time availability of materials required for production, timely deliver the finished products, make optimal use of manufacturing resources, and collect business data for better planning and analysis etc.

Besides, BatchMaster also helped the company collaborate its ERP with all its shopify stores, allowing it to automatically fetch all the orders from the shopify stores, and load them into the ERP solution. Product shelf-life management, Inventory Management, Formula Management, Costing, Order Entry & Sales Management, Purchase Order Management, Bill of Materials, Production, Quality Control, etc., are some of the functionalities the company shall be extensively using.

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BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 2500 implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities, and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster empowers the organizations streamline their operations, reduce wastage, bring down costs, increase profits, improve compliance and manage safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.


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