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'Systematized inventory, stronger operational and financial control, and greater visibility was easy to visualize for a customer with SAP Business One'

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Indore, M.P.—April 1, 2016— Bhopal based Green Surfer- a total lighting solutions provider, with the largest scale solid-stage lighting base in R&D, talent, Business Models and marketing channels, selects BatchMaster as their ERP implementation partner to support business growth.

Being a new startup, they could not afford to take a chance with any incompetent ERP and realize a money-wastage later. They hoped for a system that is affordable and could support their planned growth year over year.

After evaluating several ERPs, they finalized SAP Business One as a best fit to their industry needs. BatchMaster’s brand reputation and proven track record of successful implementations made it an obvious choice for them.

They found the product flexible yet robust enough to meet their business needs. Product’s comprehensive inventory management, keen bi-directional tracking, complete purchase-to-receipt support, quick sales order-to-invoice generation, customer-wise handling of sales contract, and complete control on assembly rejections are some of the striking features that compelled Green Surfer to raise their thumbs up for the product.

“This is one of the biggest problems and one of the biggest reason’s we want to choose a good ERP System. Most of the players that I know personally in this industry don’t have an organized system of accounting the rejection.” said Mr. Manish Raichandani, the director of the company.

Moreover, seamless integration of financial module to ensure that every transaction is registered and every entry is punched made the decision of adopting the product loud and clear for the Green Surfer.

About Green Surfer

Green Surfer excels in all the critical areas that are vital to high - performing LED lighting systems - from thermal management binning and optics to high components. We have also developed important proprietary technologies to reduce the cost and complexity of LED lighting control, operation and installation in turn accelerating market adoption.

Thought it's been shown to affect the way people live, work and feel, light has long been considered an afterthought. Green Surfer strives to change that nation advancing LED lighting technology to create experiences, inspire new application and even mitigate strain on our world's resources.

About BatchMaster Software

BatchMaster Software Pvt. Ltd. is the leading provider of ERP solution to process manufacturing industries such as Food & Beverages, Nutraceuticals, Speciality Chemicals, Cosmetics, Life Sciences, and Foundry. With over 30 years of experience in serving small, mid-size and larger industries, BatchMaster has more than 2000 customers worldwide. Through its various product-lines, the company delivers solution that is cost effective, reliable and meets the complex needs of enterprises.

Headquartered in California, BatchMaster has offices in Indore, Pune, Dubai and New Zealand.

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