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How is Quality Controlled in Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing?

If you ask what the single most important facet of a product is, quality is the answer you are likely to get 10 out of 10 times; irrespective of what the product type is.

Pharmaceutical Software: 5 Superpower ERP Features for Manufacturing SMEs

In the current ‘ultra-competitive’ business scenario, every business needs a contemporary ERP solution irrespective of its size. Still many businesses are oblivious of this fact, and either use outdated IT systems to run their

Improve Batch Processing with Pharma ERP Software

The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry continues with its upward swing, owing to the rising chronic disease prevalence across the globe, and subsequently growing demand for medications. The growth has been further boosted by direct/in-direct factors

Emerging ERP Technology for Modernizing Bulk Drugs Manufacturing

Over the years, the bulk drugs, or Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing has undergone tremendous changes, thanks to changing technologies, regulatory requirements, and approaches towards manufacturing. The industry has also witnessed steady growth in

The Need for Software Validation in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The tremendously vast & diverse pharmaceutical industry, under whose ambit fall drugs & vaccinations, pharmaceutical & medical devices, nutraceuticals, biotechnology, etc., is one of the world’s most highly regulated sectors with mandates impacting all

How Modern ERP will Revolutionize Pharma Industry?

The global pharma industry has been growing steadily over the years. Tremendously vast and diverse, its scope covers drugs and vaccinations, pharmaceutical and medical devices, nutraceuticals, biotechnology, extensive R&D, sample testing, and clinical trials,

Meeting Life Sciences Industry Challenges with ERP

The Life Sciences sector is vast and diverse as it not only covers drugs and vaccinations, but also pharmaceutical and medical devices, extensive R&D, sample testing, and clinical trials. The face of the Life

Ten Reasons Why Pharmaceutical is Moving to the Cloud

The increasing need to develop better quality personalised drugs has added to the pre-existing complexities of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Considering the amount of energy, research and resources pharmaceutical companies employ in bringing the

BatchMaster ERP Solution Validated for Pharmaceutical Segment

The main focus of any IT company providing software solution to pharma segment is to deliver solutions that align with cGMP compliance requirements, a mandatory obligation of this sector to regulatory agencies. On this

Contract Manufacturing Simplified!

Are you a Contract Manufacturer? Are business complexities becoming difficult to handle? Yes? Then, this blog is definitely for you! Finally, it’s raining orders for contract manufacturing units! Blame it on the increasing outsourcing