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Big ERP vs Big Maintenance

In the year 1999, the entire world was gripped by the Y2K fear. It was widely speculated that the whole of world will be affected by the ‘millennium bug’, which basically referred to the

Lessons to learn from failed ERP implementations

  ERP implementation is a massive decision for any business big or small. It is a decision which can potentially make or break the future of the organization. While undertaking an implementation project, there

How an ERP helps in improving the competitiveness of a firm?

    Regardless of the industry type and the business size, major objectives of almost all the manufacturing businesses remain same. Streamlined business processes, improved productivity & efficiency, enhanced visibility across the different business

2018 Predictions for Process Manufacturing Industries

The year 2017 is at its maturity stage and everyone is looking forward to the forthcoming New Year, 2018. With some speculations, apprehensions, and expectations, that may directly or indirectly impact the manufacturing sector,

Top 10 Modules a Manufacturing Company should look for in an ERP

Being in the Marketing & Pre-Sales department of a Software Development company, I am, from not so long ago, witnessing a steep rise in the ERP inquiries. Probably because, more and more manufacturers are

5 Key Reasons Why Companies MUST use Warehouse Management System

“Harry” was not able to figure out- why inventory costs were moving up (although slowly) while sales remained constant. He communicated with his warehouse manager, who showed Harry that they were actually low on

BatchMaster Services & Support

Customer Service Is Not Just A Department But Our Attitude!!! Customer support is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing professional, help, high quality service and assistance until the customer’s

ERP Implementation: Challenges And Resolutions – Part 2

This post is the second and final post in the two-part series on implementing an ERP. To read the first post, click here. The implementation of an ERP is a big decision for you.

Implementing An ERP-Part 1: Prerequisites For Implementing An ERP System

The implementation of an ERP is a big decision for you. And, if your decision is on account of the assured growth in terms of both the value and volume, then ERP systems can

ERP Brings Information at Your Desk 75% Faster

As a manager, you are faced with a number of questions every day such as: How many sales order does the company have? How many of these orders are shipped? What is the status