Technical Support

As important as product selection and implementation, technical support is key element in successful operation of a company on an ERP platform. BatchMaster's technical support provides an array of services, which enables you to extract maximum benefit of the system. A regular support provides you with an option to have technical experts taking care of the ERP technical issues, so that you can focus on your regular business needs. BatchMaster's has full time, dedicated and expert staff to address your support needs, and you can avail the following benefits by choosing a Service and Support Plan option as provided by BatchMaster time to time.


Annual Software Enhancement Plan

Under the Annual Software Enhancement Plan, Customer is entitled to receive free updates during the coverage period. Annual software updates for third-party provided software components as part of the solution is in accordance with the terms and policies of the respective vendors.

Technical Support BatchMaster Technical Support Helpdesk is available during normal business hours on weekdays except holidays.

The technical support of BatchMaster is available via email or telephone; and is categorized in the following sub heads


Standard Product Support

The support on the following areas would be considered under maintenance contract. BatchMaster support team would assist customers in the queries and issues encountered in the routine process. The maintenance contract would cover the following areas of product support

Installation related Assistance in the installation of the software and addressing the issues related to it would be part of functional support. Assistance in reinstallation of the software in case of the breakdown of the system would also be covered.

Report related to the issues in the standard report and the functionality for the same would be considered as part of the ASM. Minor modifications in the layout of the report like changing logo or caption would also be included. Any logic change, addition of Data fields in the existing report along with new reports creation would be out of the scope

Software The queries related to the software usability and issues encountered in normal functionality would be addressed. This will be specific to the software installed by BatchMaster including customizations designed for customer and any Add on provided.

Integration with third Party Software: The integration of BatchMaster with third party software would be supported. This support would be limited to the current configuration supported by BatchMaster.

Compatibility Issues: The issues and queries related to the compatibility of BatchMaster with different system like SQL server, OS would be addressed. This will only be limited if BatchMaster has released the compatibility of certain product with specified versions and this is validated by the system.

Integration with Financial Software: Issues related to integration of BatchMaster and Accounting application would also be included as part of maintenance.

Data Related Issues. In the routine business process if there is any problem and data correction is needed it would be undertaken by BatchMaster. BatchMaster would not recommend any data correction executed by customer this is required that the data corrections are executed with consultation with BatchMaster to maintain the referential integrity of the system. This would not include Data entry or modification from back end which can be accomplished through GUI. BatchMaster would not take any responsibility of any changes made in the data through back end by customer.

License: Any issue related to the licensing of the software will be addressed by BatchMaster.

BatchMaster University: As part of maintenance BatchMaster would be providing the BatchMaster University login for the users. This will be self learning tool for the users to learn the different modules using on line audio-video tutorials. This will be limited to number of user licenses purchased by the customer.

Released Service Pack: Providing information about the release of the new patches for the customer relevant areas. BatchMaster would also be available to assist customer's key contact in the installation of the new built and patches.


Support provided on chargeable (Time and Material) basis

IT Support

This support would be provided only on the chargeable basis. Any issue pertaining to this area need to be taken note of and later after discussion with the Support Manager the proper course of action need to be taken care. The actual task will be performed after execution of Work Order and receipt of payment. This area would include

Data maintenance excluding backup restoration from customer's backup machine in case of server/operating system failure. Restoration however will not include readying the server machine with operating system, but will include installation of BatchMaster standard/ customized product before database is finally restored.

Installation of the software during upgrade on the various workstations excluding server and 1 client machine. Network and accessibility issues Indexing and re-indexing of the database Installations and configuration of software other than those provided by BatchMaster.


BatchMaster Knowledge Support

This support also is provided only on the chargeable basis. This includes

Training to new employees of customer.

Training on the Add-on products purchased later

Training on the Crystal Reports


Report Modifications and Application Customizations

These tasks will be performed only on chargeable basis. The requirements will lead to a Work Order; and upon execution of Work Order and receipt of corresponding payments, the task will be taken in hand. This would include



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