BatchMaster Newsletter
Food and Beverage
Improve Food Safety, Manage Recipes,
Compliance(HACCP,FDA,and Bioterrorism),
Nutritional labeling,Lot Recalls
Fully Compliant, Secure Formulas,
QC, Lot Recall, Multiple Packaging
and Private Labeling
Inventory Management,Scalable
Formulas, Lot Management,
Sales Kit
Compliance Reporting,
Fully Secure Formulas,
Quality control, Lot Recalls
Paint and Coatings
Compliance Reporting, precentage
Formulation and batch Sizing,
Physical Property Analysis
  Specialty Chemicals
Compliance Reporting, Formula
Versioning, Material Substitutions, QC,
Physical Properties Analysis

We create Solutions to
enhance products delivered
by Microsoft and SAP in
Process Manufacturing


Saving Your Unique Needs
End to End ERP
Scalable Platforms
Synchronization among Modules
Seamless Integration
Understands Terms like Finished Goods,
Containers Packaging material etc
Powerful GUI
Impressive Track Record
We chose BatchMaster because it was designed for porcess manufacturing and the best fit for our inventory management requirements. We Now have confidence in our inventory, and we can perform a recall quickly and accurately
Judy Lubben, Controller, VP-Administration
Raining Rose, IA USA
BatchMaster efficiently integrated all our group companies, rendering in-depth visibility and faster information flow among them, resulting in proactive and better decision making.
Mr. Shohel Shikari, Chief Financial Officer,
Tasty Bite Eatables Limited, India
The selection process included a performance 'shoot-out' and hands-on evaluations
on-site for key staff within each department. BatchMaster Food stood out from other contenders as the one system that met our needs out-of-the-box.
Gene Van Horne, Production Manager
All American Seasoning, CO USA
Are you a Process Manufacturer?
Does your existing software system fail to understand your needs of formula requirements like version tracking?
Do you have to access multiple computer workstations to analyze various business activities?
Does your profit margin shrink due to uncontrolled inventory?
Is meeting Industry Compliance an issue?
Does your commitment of delivery dates is often not accurate because inventory is not real time with sales?
Do you experience problem in taking the best use of your existing resources due to lack of real time visibility across your entire business operation?
Do you face problems in pricing your product because real costs of manufacture are difficult to assess?

If you answered yes to one or more questions, then your company needs to invest in an ERP, specifically BatchMaster Process ERP.

What BatchMaster ERP can do for you?
BatchMaster is true process-centric software that integrates, handles and keeps track of all distribution and manufacturing operations. Equipped with totally secure and scalable Formula Module with versioning and roll capabilities, comprehensive Bill-Of-Materials for multiple sizing and packaging, Product Development (R&D), Batch Processing and Cost Analysis; BatchMaster also meets industry compliance and governance through MSDS, FDA and cGMP. Notable strengths of BatchMaster lie in its elaborate Material Planning that reduces waste and strong Inventory Management that also offers Lot tracking, Tracing and Recalls in minimal time. Instant Quotes/Order creation, Packing, Shipment, back order, Purchase Order raising, Receiving, invoicing etc, are all possible with a click in BatchMaster. Tight Integration among modules, various dashboards and embedded Business Intelligence as well as CRM, timely caters to information need of various management levels. Our capabilities are now trusted and leveraged even by industry big names like SAP and Microsoft Dynamics GP. So when are you giving-in?
SAP Business One Solution BatchMaster Manufacturing for SAP Business One- a robust solution combining the reliability of distribution and financial capabilities of SAP Business One and process manufacturing expertise of BatchMaster.
ERP Software BatchMaster Enterprise-a comprehensive ERP solution for process manufacturers, perfectly handling operations together with providing vital information concerning and supporting complete supply chain.
Tally ERP 9 Software BatchMaster Enterprise for Tally.ERP9 is a combination unparalleled, that aptly streamlines all your distribution, manufacturing and finance operations along with handling excise and regulatory compliances.
Manufacturing Industries Served
Food ERP Software
Food & Beverage
From Ingredients to
Functional Foods to Pre-packaged Meals, from Juice extraction to Winemaking to Brewing BatchMaster covers all food and beverage manufacturing operations.
ERP Software for Food Manufacturing Industry
ERP Software for Nutraceutical Manufacturing
BatchMaster is the leading supplier of ERP software to
the Nutraceutical industry.
Nutraceutical ERP Software
ERP Software for Paint and Coatings Manufacturing
Paint & Coatings
Wide experience in Paints, Coatings, Inks & Adhesives makes BatchMaster your logical choice.
ERP Software for Coatings Manufacturer
ERP Software for Cosmetic Manufacturing
Cosmetics, Personal Care, HAPPI, topical cosmeceuticals – this marriage of disciplines finds a natural home with BatchMaster.
ERP Software for Cosmetic Industry
Pharmaceutical ERP Software
Biotechnology, Elisa Test Kits, API’s, small-scale pharmaceutical – all find BatchMaster the ideal ERP solution.
ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Industry
ERP Software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry
Specialty Chemicals
Biotechnology, Elisa Test Kits, API’s, small-scale pharmaceutical – all find BatchMaster the ideal ERP solution.
Chemical Manufacturing Software