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Education and Training

Knowledge is becoming the key word in successful business operations; and knowledge can be acquired only through proper education and training. BatchMaster understands this fact very well, and for the well being of its business partners and Customers, always ensures that the users do receive proper education and training in ERP in general, and BatchMaster ERP in particular.
Business Partners need sufficient training in BatchMaster ERP for the reason that they have to demonstrate the capabilities of the application to their prospects. Also the business partners must be aware of the Add-ons and verticals available with BatchMaster ERP to meet the specific business requirements of a particular prospect. Also if the partners have their resources properly trained on BatchMaster ERP, they can take the implementation project themselves.
The Customers, and the end users are the ones who have to use BatchMaster ERP extensively for their day-to-day work. Though BatchMaster provides necessary and sufficient training to the end users during the course of ERP implementation, but what if –
  • You assign a different responsibility to a person, trained in another module
  • Your trained person leaves your company, and you hire a new person in his/ her place
  • You have scaled up your business operations, and have inducted more people to manage it. They will also need training in BatchMaster ERP
  • The regulatory agencies come up with new regulations, and you want your users to adopt to them, again they will need training in changed workflow
BatchMaster has got several options to choose from, and one can avail multiple benefits in a given time frame. Some of the key facilities available to get yourself educated and trained on BatchMaster ERP are
  • Visit the website (www. frequently, and register yourself for the webinars BatchMaster holds twice a month. This will keep you abrest of the latest happenings in Industry, and how BatchMaster ERP is coping with them
  • Call your Account Executive, or write to , and get a user id and password generated for you for BatchMaster University. BatchMaster University ( is an online ERP education portal, and you can get yourself trained on BatchMaster ERP, free of cost for unlimited period of time
  • Should you need additional training for existing users, or training for your new users, call to your Account Executive, or write to