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What are the Challenges in Chemical Industries in Australia/New Zealand?

With increasing number of inhabitants and their rising demand for products, specialty chemicals manufacturers in Australia/New Zealand are faced with complex challenges, like: reducing production cycles, meeting strict regulations, ensuring environmental management and assuring high quality. Above all, declaring hazardous chemicals correctly, and storing and transporting them safely makes the process more complex for manufacturers. As a result, they are constantly looking for a fine-tuned chemical ERP that understands these hurdles and helps them to accelerate growth.


Chemical manufacturers turn to a chemical ERP system that comes loaded with industry-specific modules and robust functionalities that help them effectively meet the challenges, standardize & automate business processes, and improve their supply chain efficiency. A chemical manufacturing ERP assists them with many things, including quality control at various stages, batch production with traceability, new product development, contract manufacturing, meeting myriad compliance requirements and a lot more.

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Industry-Specific Chemical ERP Solution for Australia and New Zealand based Manufacturers

BatchMaster ERP is a standalone ERP for chemical manufacturing industries in Australia and New Zealand. With a keen understanding of how the chemical industry works, ERP software supports managing numerous formulas, speedy calculations based on physical properties, separate costing of formulas and packaging materials, new product development, contract manufacturing and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Essentially, BatchMaster ERP for chemical industry documents every step-in manufacturing and keeps a track of sensitive operational data across organization, such as, expiries, Non-conformance, CAPA, SOPs, MBR and more. By doing so, this chemical manufacturing software enhances transparency in operations and facilitates smooth functioning of the entire single or multi-divisional chemical manufacturing.

Essential ERP Modules for Chemical Manufacturing Industry

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Key Features of ERP Software for Chemical Industry

  • Formula Security to Support Intellectual Property Rights
  • Supports OSHA, EPA, ISO, DOT Compliance Requirements
  • Supports REACH, Chemicals Act, GxP Guidelines, GLP Directive, GHS
  • HAZMAT Bills of Lading, VOC and SARA Reporting
  • Bi-directional Lot Traceability
  • Vendor Approval and Management
  • Stability Testing
  • Non-Conformance and CAPA
  • Complete Traceability and Costing of By and Co-Products
  • Customizable COA (Certificate of Analysis) Reports
  • Formula Design Based on Physical Properties
  • Separate Costing of Formula and Packaging Materials
  • New Product Development and Its Costing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Shelf Life/Expiration Date Support
  • Supports Multiple Units Of Measure
  • Containerization
  • Make-To-Stock and Make-To-Order Operations
  • Material Requirement Panning (MRP)
  • HMIS Support for Safety of Workers
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Benefits of BatchMaster Chemical Industry Software

BatchMaster ERP for chemicals offers following benefits:

  • BatchMaster ERP software for chemical industry ensures meeting regulations
  • Being an ERP for chemicals, BatchMaster ERP supports new product development
  • Auto calculation to scale up production can be easy with this chemical formulation software
  • Re-formulation based on potency and physical properties is another striking benefit of BatchMaster ERP for chemical manufacturing.
  • Real-time information for pro-active decision making
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase margins and profitability
  • Assure 'greener' products

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Emilia Clarke
Ms. Dianne Dickson, CFO
Grain & Bake Co., Melbourne, Australia
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Emilia Clarke
Mr. Pritesh Shah, IT Head, Remedy Drinks
Carrum Downs, Victoria, Australia
“We knew moving to an ERP software would ensure long-term efficiency, productivity and cost benefits for our business. We’re happy we found that able ally in BatchMaster."
Emilia Clarke
Mr. Roman Eydlish, Joint General Manager
Maltra Foods, Clayton, Victoria, Australia
“For years, we relied on a siloed approach to manage our business processes. But when the changing laws and regulations compelled us to opt for an integrated system, BatchMaster ERP stepped in to get the job done.”

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