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SAAS Based ERP Software for Manufacturing in Cambodia

  • Helps micro, macro & small manufacturing industries to streamline their supply chain operations
  • Involves no service charges
  • Reduces implementation complexities
  • Lowers TCO
  • Available as ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model
  • Offers physically and virtually 24/7 secured data
To all the small manufacturing units in Cambodia, empower your business with a cloud based ERP system
Cost Saving

No Service Charges

No upfront hardware and software cost

Lesser operating expense on subscription

No additional maintenance and support cost

No (or reduced) IT staffing cost

Complete Security

Extremely secured environment

Disaster recovery facility running 24×7

Flexibility & Ease of Access to Service

Access from Desktop, Laptop or Mobile devices; Anytime, Anywhere

Need only web browser and network connection


Increase or decrease number of licenses whenever required

Easy switch to advance packages

Easy start-up with a minimum number of users

Peace of Mind Ensured

Avoid hassles of maintaining the hardware and software for regular patches and upgrades

No need to maintain IT assets of higher technical specifications

Regular data backup and 99.9% uptime with a supreme Disaster Recovery plan

System is always current, up-to-date, running and available

Faster Time to Value

Realize ROI faster

Improve efficiency

More productive staff

Industry Sectors

Happy Customers

Emilia Clarke
Richard Northcote, Controller & Operations Manager,
Madison Chemical Industries
We are documenting all our testing in BatchMaster and this helps us in two ways. First we ensure that purchased materials can’t be used until they have passed quality control and, secondly, we now have historical information available online so we can examine trends and evaluate supplier performance. I liked the fact that BatchMaster was a mature product with all the modules working together.
Emilia Clarke
Sohel Shikari, Chief Financial Officer
Tasty Bite
We were impressed how BatchMaster treated Nutritional Information, Formula Revision and more, simply fulfilling our purpose. Other glittering areas of BatchMaster were how it liberated us from quality worries through its intensive quality control and HACCP modules.
Emilia Clarke
Jayaguru, Production Manager
Malladi Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
Mapping our lengthy and complex production process into the system was a challenge. But not for BatchMaster. Their years of experience and immense knowledge about our industry helped them understand it quickly while the great capabilities of their software made its adoption seamless.
Steve Kahane, President,
International Coatings
We use BatchMaster’s laboratory functionality to help us meet a certain price target. BatchMaster also provides a very good library of formulations. If we have to formulate something that is similar to another product we developed a few years ago, BatchMaster gives us a very good starting point, and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. It gives us instant access to the information, and we don’t have to search through paper files.
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