Document Management Software

A digital approach to store, manage & secure documents

No matter how well we believe we have structured our company's shared network folders- the documents get misplaced and irritation sets in. Whether it is staff creating a complicated naming strategy for the folder structure or failing to archive or destroy outdated versions of papers, files, documents, etc. The point is: these archaic ways of organizing and maintaining documents don't work anymore.

That said, paper-based processes are also ineffective. As a direct result of cumbersome, paper-based processes, 75.9% of organizations surveyed have experienced major business risk and compliance difficulties.

There is, thankfully, an effective method. Organizations can store and track all of their documents in one centralized location using BatchMaster’s Document Management System.

It's a feature-rich desktop and cloud document management system for storing, creating, tracking, retrieving, and managing all kinds of documents. It covers the whole document lifecycle within an organization, from content creation and publication to archiving and, finally, secure retention and disposal of content.

Key Features of Document Management Software

    • 1. Import and create new documents
    Create different types of documents or import the existing ones created before audit.
    • 2. Scan & attach
    Scan and attach the documents in the form of image through a scanner.
    • 3. Smart tagging
    View attached documents and add appropriate tags in order to refine their searching process. These tags can be defined on the basis of various parameters and can be attached as a reference.
    • 4. Central repository
    Acts as a central library to store all the documents together.
    • 5. Numbering and indexing
    Lets you number or index documents via meta-data with different “search” terms making document retrieval easy & fast.
    • 6. Classification
    Organize and segregate your documents into different categories like: policies, applications, etc.
    • 7. Document status
    Track the documents by their status or the stage they are in: Draft, Pending for Approval, Approved, Active, Obsolete and Inactive.
    • 8. User access control
    Secures the document through a selective restriction of access to documents via passwords, e-signatures, other authentication levels, etc.
    • 9. Review & approval workflow
    Create approval workflows to ensure every document is reviewed and approved by the concerned authorities.
    • 10. Release & distribution
    Generate an alert to the specified electronic distribution list informing that a document has been released.
    • 11. Version control & change log
    Keeps a track of all versions of a document, and lets you see what has changed, who did it and when the change was made.
    • 12. Check in & check out
    Multiple people can work and edit the same document in a synchronized way without altering each other's work and maintaining different versions of it.
    • 13. SOP on screens
    Attach SOPs with your documents in a snap
    • 14. Saved search
    Saves a set of search criteria and fetches the documents meeting that criteria.
    • 15. Easy search and retrieval process (with OCR feature)
    Scan paper documents and convert them to fully searchable PDF with OCR add-on.
    • 16. Change management
    Helps you deal with the transition or transformation of an organization's procedures, technologies, or goals.

Benefits of DMS System

  • Better collaboration
  • Minimized lost and misfiled documents
  • Reduced storage space
  • Enhanced security
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Easier data retrieval
  • Better collaboration
  • Better backup and disaster recovery
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