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ERP Software for Paints & Coatings Manufacturing and Processing

Redefine quality, and manufacture customer-centric and low VOC paints, with BatchMaster ERP for Paints.

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ERP for Paints & Coatings Industries

  • An end-to-end paint manufacturing & formulation software
  • One-stop solution to all distribution, manufacturing & compliance needs of the Paint & Coating industry
  • Forerunner in the list of focused & reliable paint formulation software from lasts 30 years
  • Industries Served: Industrial Coatings, Decoratives, Additives & Pigments, Sealants & Proofings
2000+ happy process manufacturing customers and counting, because with BatchMaster ERP for Paints & Coatings- a manufacturing paint ERP, you can:
Rapidly develop new products

Advanced Formulation options based on base items like pigments & additives or targeted physical properties.

Ease of defining & producing new products based on customer specifications & identification of newer greener substitutes.

Ease production complexities

Robust MPS/MRP modules to supports make-to-stock & make-to-order environments.

Batch Scaling & Sizing, identification of critical items along with instant substitutions.

Control inventory & cut costs

Real time visibility of all the inventory items for proactive decision making to reduce costs.

Granular level costing of Formula, packagings, and third party manufacturing to have a competitive edge.

Ensure safety of workers & environment

Insert manufacturing instructions & maintain HMIS/WHMIS for safe handling by workers along with Labels for the safety of the end user.

Safe disposal, accountability & costing of hazardous materials.

Comply with regulations

Capture and record information required for adherence to GHS, DoT, EPA, OSHA & ISO and other agencies.

Generation of SARA, VOC and other reports, MSDS tracking plus HAZMAT Bill-of-Lading along with complete Bi-directional traceability.

Industry Sectors
Automotive Paints
Protective Coatings
Powder Coatings
Wall Paints
Wood Finishes

1000+ Happy Paints Customers and Counting, Because with BatchMaster Pharma Manufacturing Software, You Can:


With complete formula management and click-on material substitution based on greener product identification, formula security and patenting helps you meet customers’ specifications precisely.

Flexibility to plan batch production jobs and purchase orders based upon supply and demand ensures continuous and timely production.

Promotes workers’ and consumers’ safety by offering the option to insert manufacturing instructions & maintain HMIS during production along with generating SDS sheets plus GHS labels at the shipment of the products.

Tracking inventory by item, attributes (lot potency, color, etc.), warehouse, lot number, UOM, status, location and license with mobile-enabled transaction processing makes inventory management much easier.

Maintenance of complete information along with the generation of SARA, VOC reports plus HAZMAT Bill-of-Lading ensures complete adherence to GHS, DoT, EPA, OSHA & ISO. Intensive quality control to assure the quality at each stage of the supply chain.

Happy Customers

Emilia Clarke
Henri Pigmans, Chief Operating Officer
Polytex Environmental Inks
Once we saw the smooth functionality with BatchMaster Manufacturing supporting our process needs, we realized it looked like the right solution. It seems to think the same ways as we do. We like the way documents come out in a uniform way and appreciate the very organized and professional look that BatchMaster Manufacturing offers.
Emilia Clarke
Steve Kahane, President,
International Coatings
We use BatchMaster’s laboratory functionality to help us meet a certain price target. BatchMaster also provides a very good library of formulations. If we have to formulate something that is similar to another product we developed a few years ago, BatchMaster gives us a very good starting point, and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. It gives us instant access to the information, and we don’t have to search through paper files.
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