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Enjoy automated processing of employee salaries, easy generation of salary reconciliation reports, & salary slips, and hassle-free calculation, and submission of organization’s payroll taxes- with BatchMaster’s payroll management software- HERD.

Payroll software

Employee Payments

This payroll software ensures a smooth payment flow for employees, by allowing the processing of employee payment in a very easy and hassle-free manner.

This includes calculation of salaries, various allowances like medical, mobile, and transport, etc.; deductions such as professional tax, TDS, and PF etc., and reimbursements, using functionalities such as CTC approval, tax calculator, salary settings, salary approval, bonus calculator, and gratuity calculator, etc.

Taxation Simplified

With its tax-processing mechanisms, BatchMaster HERD helps employees from different pay bands to make tax declaration for every fiscal year.

Seamless Integration

The payroll module of this payroll processing system syncs with other modules such as HR, Time Management, and Attendance, etc. It can also integrate with other Attendance management systems like Cosec, Matrix, etc., and process their payroll as well, or can import the sheet and process it.

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