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Other Modules

BatchMaster HeRd allows a host of other things such as keeping track of organization’s assets and assigning them to employees, streamlining disciplinary incident management process, managing logs, and expenses, etc.

HRMS Site Configuration

Asset Management

Now have quick access to information related to all your organizational assets such as laptops, phones, and even assign them to the employees after adding asset details such as invoice number, vendor details, and warranty status etc.


Follow a streamlined approach for disciplinary incident management process with ease. Raise disciplinary incident(s) against employees, give them a chance to appeal with their statement, and take a corrective action if he/she is found guilty.

Time & Logs

Employees can maintain daily timesheets, managers can create projects, assign them to individual employees, and assess them in a time-bound manner. Admin can also check the amount of activity happening on the application along with the daily users’ login record.

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