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Cloud ERP has always been a heated topic. With each handshake, its definition changes. Because of this misunderstanding, a variety of ‘so-called’ cloud ERP systems are available in market, which can be blatantly termed as ‘Fake Cloud ERP’ and can be cancerous to your business. They may seem quite like a Real cloud-based ERP but THEY ARE NOT! With a real cloud-based ERP solution, you could reap huge financial benefits, however with a fake one, you lose in long run. As a result, it’s critical to differentiate a Real Cloud ERP from the fake one.

To assist you with the problem, we’ve created a series of short blogs that highlight essential tips and tactics for determining whether the cloud ERP you’ve chosen is genuine or not.

So, let’s look at the first tip, which claims that ‘fake clouds are inflexible and non-scalable’.

Fake cloud ERP solutions are based on outdated code, which demands costly and time-consuming rewrites to accommodate customizations and integrations. Moreover, their iterations to add more functionality and users require the upfront license, hardware, and software expenditures that the real cloud ERP model practically eliminates.

Try BatchMaster ERP to better understand the point. Being a truly real cloud ERP, it is highly flexible and scalable. Else, click here to continue on to the next, but equally important, tip.



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