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Important Apparel ERP Software Functions that Boost Productivity


There are over seven billion people on this planet. Seven billion! And not a single person can do without clothes, as it happens to be a basic necessity.

If each person owned only one shirt, one pair of pants, and one accessory like a jacket, scarf, or a shrug, the world would have 21 billion articles of clothing.

Obviously, we own many more garment items than just three, as our wardrobes are all loaded with a large number and variety of clothes and yet we long for more.

The Millennials spend a considerable amount of time browsing the online garment stores over some of the applications on their smartphones.

Even the physical stores at your nearest mall are frequently visited by female shoppers and students to check out the latest collections of their favourite brands.

You might be surprised to know that India accounts for approx. 14 percent of the world’s production of textile fibres and yarns.

India is also the largest producer of jute, second largest producer of silk and cotton, and third largest in producing cellulosic fibre.

Textile and apparel exports from India are expected to increase to US$ 82 billion by 2021, while cotton production in India is estimated to reach 37.7 million bales in FY18. (Source:

Considering growth at this rate, apparel manufacturers are invariably required to remain on their toes. Garment or fabric industry is not an easy sector to operate in.

With difficulties in right fabric procurement, to maintaining classic clothing design along with fighting with fluctuating labour and production costs, the apparel manufacturers need to boost their productivity and meet the market demands.

Only then will they be able to tackle the challenges well and keep pace with the industry growth.

In such times, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software help apparel businesses deal with the industry challenges and boost their productivity.

Read on to know how an apparel ERP application does it for the hyper-connected and customer-centric apparel industry.

  1. An apparel ERP solution maintains entire business information in a single database so that the data is accurate across all sales channels and departments. Order consolidation, real-time inventory update, order tracking, cumulative production, etc.; all happen at a single click of the button. As a result, you enjoy complete business visibility with integrated end-to-end functionality. This ensures you have easy access to information, market insight, more efficient workflow, and ultimately improved productivity.
  2. An apparel ERP is a tool which can help the apparel manufacturers achieve a tight control over operations and stay competitive. By syncing all operations through an ERP, you ensure that all processes are running without any hitch; and if there’s any, it can be pointed out in real-time and acted upon immediately. This saves a lot of time as compared to brain-storming needed in case of manual methods where you have to put money and man in identifying just the source of the problem. This ultimately boosts the productivity of every department while eliminating delays, reworks and production halts.
  3. An apparel ERP solution benefits the apparel manufacturers on the whole as well, by helping them manage men, and machine, apart from managing the operations. It helps with manpower management, i.e. managing the labour, their work hours, remuneration etc. Besides, ERP software also allows to schedule your shop floor processes according to the capacity of your machines. In addition, it connects your shop floor with the top floor (management), thus giving you real-time updates on productivity and processes from each of your machines and facilitates sound decision making. This way, you also get the ease of scheduling your production as per the machine availability, thus reducing the downtime and the set-up time, and ensuring maximum output.
  4. An ERP software provides real-time inventory visibility across the warehouse. Real-time inventory tracking, which considers both averages and variation in orders, is also made possible by an ERP solution. As a result, your manufacturing facility is better suited to handle sudden changes in throughput, and in a nutshell, more likely to operate at optimum efficiency. Through its inventory management module, ERP system can help the manufacturers manage their inventory effectively through achieving optimum inventory levels and cutting down on waste and surplus, improving manufacturing efficiencies, processes, overall quality and productivity.
  5. An apparel ERP software standardizes the manufacturing processes for the apparel manufacturers and ensures uan ninterrupted flow of work by following pre-decided production protocols. In addition, it also helps them optimize and standardize business processes by encouraging the adoption of best practices. This makes the manufacturing process less complex and helps organizations save time, thus leading to better performance and more efficient people, which is a direct indicator of enhanced productivity.
  6. An apparel ERP also puts in place an effective work flow, which reduces the scope of errors and reworks and maintains consistent quality. As a result, the time saved on such reworks can be used for other productive tasks.
  7. An apparel ERP software also allows process automation, which ultimately results in improved productivity. With its help, you can automate a number of processes such as procurement and maintenance of raw materials, tracking of supplies that are purchased, and calculations about sales margin, profit ratios and all such metrics, which are otherwise impossible to do manually. This makes the job of the employees easier as well as enhances their efficiency and productivity, as they now do not have redundancies in operations, or have to waste time completing repetitive tasks manually.
  8. ERP software is also available on the cloud, offering the apparel manufacturers much flexibility and convenience of operation in a secured, web-based environment. An ERP solution also facilitates real-time communication with local and overseas suppliers waving goodbye to time wasted in trying to connect and be productive.

ERP software for apparel sector are known to bring in flexibility and agility to your business, and lend it the ability to scale and meet industry-specific challenges apart from boosting productivity.

One such solution is BatchMaster ERP for Apparel, which increases your apparel business’ efficiency and productivity in the truest sense and collectively contributes towards significant ROI generation.

It allows the apparel manufacturers, distributors as well as retailers manage the entire supply chain with ease.

Handling product designing, sourcing, demand management, supply-chain planning, production & inventory management, and multichannel distribution become child’s play with BatchMaster ERP for Apparel.

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