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Five Common Inventory Management Mistakes

Inventory is the biggest asset of manufacturing organizations. Inventory is one of their biggest investments too. Improper management of inventory could turn an asset to liability. Eventually leading CXOs of companies to shift their focus

How to Improve Efficiency of Manufacturing Unit with ERP Software?

Manufacturing units are more complex than anyone can contemplate. Accommodated are a number of machines, a larger number of labors, and numerous tools like temperature sensors, humidity controller etc. And then there exist a

BatchMaster Mobile – Inventory Management at Ease

How do you associate a ‘Remote’ with your TV or AC? Something inseparable, right? Certainly, in the hustle-bustle of today’s life, you are not left with enough vigor to every time reach out to

What Makes BatchMaster ERP Perfect for your Industry?

Once on a trip to an amusement park, I saw two friends sitting just ahead of me not enjoying the roller-coaster ride but trying hard to adjust on the seats. One was too fat

BatchMaster – The Global ERP for You!

An upshot of never sinking addiction of self-improvement accompanied with immense support and trust from our customers, BatchMaster, like all big companies is growing but globally. With Process Manufacturers around the globe relying on

Difference Between Discrete and Process Manufacturing

Let’s first start by defining process & discrete manufacturing Discrete manufacturing involves assembling things, and making things that are distinct. The methodology uses Bills of Materials (BOMs), and assembles components along a routing. In