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How ERP Simplifies Financial Record Keeping and Year-End Closing?

What are the initial thoughts that come to your mind when you hear about the term enterprise resource planning (ERP)? If your answer is one of on-premise, Cloud ERP, production, inventory, discrete manufacturing, process

10 Reasons Why your Businesses need BatchMaster Finance

Finance, they say, is the backbone of every business. Just like a healthy spine is responsible for overall well-being of the body, the fine state of a business’ finances is essential for the overall

When is the right time to switch from ‘Old School’ accounting software to full-fledged ERP?

A manufacturing business is just like our body. Where organization’s mission is the soul, planning is its brain, adequate inventory procurement- lifeblood, and production is the beating heart. Since sales and marketing function generates

Nurture The Soul Of Your Business- With BatchMaster Finance

The success of any organization lies in efficient Finance Management, which mostly is handled either through spreadsheets or stand alone finance software. Result: Problems produced by • Inaccurate or Incomplete paperwork • Partial, untimely

Improve Financial Reporting by 70%

No prizes for guessing that the success of any organization secretly lies in its efficient finance management, which sadly in most companies is handled either through spreadsheets or a stand alone finance software. A