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BatchMaster CEO Announces BMM SAP Business One Launch in Asia

After the booming launch of BatchMaster Manufacturing (BMM) SAP Business One in various continents like Europe, South America, South Africa and Middle east; the Honourable CEO of BatchMaster Software Dr. Sahib A Dudani now announced its launch in world’s largest continent i.e. Asia.

BatchMaster was proud to perceive their CEO ‘Dr. Sahib A Dudani’ footing before them for the launch of whiz-bang product i.e. BMM SAP Business One in the Asian market. He especially came far from the US just to bloom Indian Market with the most adept product BMM SAP Business One.

Built-In, BatchMaster’s Manufacturing module renders its process manufacturing capabilities to SAP aficionados. With features like formula management, R&D, quality assurance, material and production planning as well as batch processing, it is a single affordable product that can just fetch mutiny in the business processes by delivering the first wave of innovations through a complete one-of-its-kind package for Process Manufacturers. Dr. Dudani explained that using BMM SAP Business One, businessmen can streamline operations, proceed timely with entire information and could accelerate profitable growth.

The system provides real-time visibility to the organization and management on all aspects of the business processes thereby making it easier for management to take on time decisions concerning their business. With the introduction of BMM SAP Business One, the business processes will grow faster by leaps and will bound to limits never really seen before this was available. The productivity, as well as the efficiency and throughput of all departments, will increase enormously.

Dr. Sahib A Dudani, the fountainhead of BatchMaster, has helped grow the company from a Silicon Valley start-up to a global enterprise. Dr. Dudani has over 22 years of successful experience in the software industry, both as an entrepreneur business founder and as a technical innovator for new software products. He grew the company to more than 200 employees. Under his leadership, BatchMaster has dramatically scaled its infrastructure and broadened its offerings while maintaining a culture of strong innovation.

His Alma maters include Bachelor in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai and Masters and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from The Ohio State University.

Our Customer Relations Executive – Mr. Joseph L. Prystal also accompanied Dr. Dudani during his visit to India. It was his first visit to India. He was overwhelmed in meeting many people whom he only had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone and a lot of people whom he had never spoken to. This gave him an instant sense of belonging and friendship. People here felt quite lucky to get the chance of working with him, sharing views with him and learning a lot from him. He shared his experiences with the people, delivered them the innovative ideas for proficient working.

The staff at India had also organized a party in the honour of Dr. Dudani and Mr. Joseph Prystal. It was a real fun. People got the wonderful opportunity to listen to the golden words from both. To make the party memorable, they rewarded the employees for their hard work. We thank them for their gracious presence and for inserting a bug of exploring products and trends in technology we use. It was our pleasure to have them with us.


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