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    On Cloud

    A powerful, scalable and affordable web-based Cloud ERP software built specifically for the formula & recipe-based manufacturers, BatchMaster ERP on Cloud is a ready-to-use, affordable yet simple SAAS-based model that lets you manage your business from anywhere and at any time.

    It comes with the experience, expertise and reliability of BatchMaster that lets you efficiently handle your entire value chain from R&D, formulation, planning, procurement to inventory, production, sales, finances, quality and compliance.

    Why Cloud?
    It is easy-to-use

    It can be accessed through a web-browser as well as through a remote desktop connection (RDC). Also, it is compatible with almost every device connected to the web and hence accessible from almost anywhere at any time.

    It is affordable

    The features and capabilities of BatchMaster’s 30-plus years’ mature process manufacturing ERP solution is available on SAAS platform on a monthly subscription basis.

    It is scalable

    It is a truly process-centric ERP which is capable enough to meet the current and future needs of your business, be it industry standards or requirements, licenses, modules as such.

    It is a complete package

    It is one complete package that handles all your manufacturing, distribution, finance, GST, compliance, quality and R&D needs.

    It easily integrates with your accounting software

    Don’t want to ditch your existing financial software? No problem! BatchMaster ERP on Cloud can be conveniently integrated with your accounting solution like SAP, Tally, MAS, QuickBooks, etc.

    It is one-for-all

    BatchMaster ERP on Cloud solves the process complexities of SMEs, large, macro, as well as micro-industries.

    It meets all your needs

    The power of BatchMaster ERP on Cloud can be further boosted with a number of add-ons including, Point-of-Sale, GST, e-commerce integration, WMS, etc.

    It is tailored for your industry

    It provides micro-vertical solutions built specifically for your industry, meeting your unique needs and solving your exclusive challenges.

    Some more features
    • Completely inter-operable as it is a web-based ERP
    • No upfront hardware and software cost
    • Lesser operating expense through subscription-based model
    • No additional maintenance and support cost
    • No (or reduced) IT staffing cost
    • Complete security
    • Disaster recovery facility running 24×7
    • Access from desktop, laptop or mobile devices; anytime, anywhere
    • Increase number of licenses whenever required
    • Automatic and free upgrades
    • 9% uptime assurance
    • Advanced, dedicated and secured servers
    • Round the clock application & user support
    • Enables innovation faster & cheaper than your competitors
    • Extremely simple GUI
    On premise

    BatchMaster’s On-Premise ERP solutions help you streamline your operations along with fully integrating data across your entire organization. The unique products understand your manufacturing requirements during product development, procurement, production, quality, packaging, costing, and compliance, while, at the same time supports your sales, accounting, warehousing and distribution needs.

    Many of the features of BatchMaster ERP on Cloud are part of BatchMaster’s on-premise ERP system. However, the major difference lies in their deployment strategies.

    Why On premise?
    A true process-centric solution

    BatchMaster ERP is a fully-functional, feature-rich ERP software for recipe/formula based manufacturers.

    Supports complete value chain

    From product development, formula management to planning and procurement, inventory handling, production to quality, compliance and sales, BatchMaster ERP adds value to all your operations by synchronizing and streamlining them.

    Meets industry standards

    A dedicated team of industry experts and researchers help stay abreast to changing industry needs, standards and regulations, and incorporate them in the product much before they become a necessity.

    Integrates with your finance

    BatchMaster ERP is capable of integrating with your finance software, be it Tally, TATA Ex, SAP Business One, QuickBooks, ACCPAC, SOLOMON or such. So you don’t have to fear losing your long used financial system to upgrade to an ERP software.

    Holds the nerves of your business

    Out-of-the-box reports, numerous dashboards and inbuilt business intelligence give you holistic-yet-detailed picture of your business aiding accurate, better and informed decision making.

    Add-ons with rich features to remove growth obstacles

    To fit to your peculiar needs and operations, BatchMaster offers a number of ERP Add-Ons namely: Excise, Audit Logger, BatchMaster Mobile, Sample Request Management, Demand Forecasting, eConnect, Web Portal, Business Portal, DRP and more, which when tied up with BatchMaster, boost up its capabilities exponentially.

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